Nicole Forsyth, President and CEO

Red Rover

I would highly recommend Scot Crocker as a marketing and communications consultant, especially for re-branding. We hired Crocker to help us come up with a new name and brand. Scot and his staff clearly knew what they were doing and were 100% reliable. They walked us through the entire process, from discovery, planning and analysis to creating brand attributes, messaging and executing the re-branding launch strategy. Crocker has a solid understanding of nonprofit organizations, excellent strategic thinking and deeply understands the important elements of a good brand. The new name and brand have been  absolutely central to our ability to grow as a nonprofit organization.

Beth Mills, SVP Communications

Western Bankers Association

Working with the Crocker team was a great experience for our association. We were in the middle of a merger and had a very short timeline to create a brand and an identity for our new organization, as well incorporate and redefine the brands of the two merging organizations. Scot’s expertise and experience in guiding other organizations through this process was invaluable to us as we worked together on defining our association’s new value proposition –and new look. We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result and highly recommend Scot and his team!

Dave Ljung, President and CEO

Gilbert Associates, Inc.

Crocker and his firm has been a valued partner with our firm for many years. Scot was the mastermind behind the firm’s branding and related slogan we adopted, which effectively characterized the firm’s business philosophy and for which we have received numerous client compliments. He has helped develop a variety of marketing initiatives and suggested business development techniques which have helped our firm grow. In our firm’s largest niche, nonprofits and associations, Scot has demonstrated excellent insight and understanding of the nuances of working in these sectors. We have truly enjoyed his vision, creativity and commitment to helping us succeed. On a personal level, Scot is a confident and very comfortable person to work with, always with our best interests in mind.

Nav Gill, Assistant County Executive

County of Sacramento

Scot Crocker and his team expertly guided Sacramento County through the process of creating a new branding logo for the County. They walked us through the steps, incorporated our feedback and steered us toward a solution that worked for everyone involved. Their experience and creativity helped us develop a modern logo and style guide that will serve Sacramento County well for many years to come.

Abbey Stumpf, Marketing Communications Manager

North Natomas Jibe

In this day of quick names and fast thoughts, our long name was hard to use, unremarkable, and a bit confusing. We were in desperate need of a new brand. New name, new colors, new style and logo. We needed it all. And as a small nonprofit, we needed help. We searched for a company that would guide us through the process with wisdom and experience. Crocker was that company. Scot and his team were always prepared and professional whether it was an in-person meeting, quick phone call, or presentation to the board. By choosing Crocker, we proved to our community and Board of Directors we took this transformation seriously and sought the advice of industry thought leaders. Scot's team guided us through the challenging process of determining our brand identity and who we wanted to be.  Always with a smile and sincerity, they worked with us at every step, and made sure the finished product was what we envisioned.

Tom Bollum, Executive Director

Live Well at Home

I have worked with Crocker on the launch of several businesses in the Sacramento region and I am a believer!  Scot and his team listen, then they challenge . . . to help refine the message . . . then they deliver.  I have always found them to be available, on schedule and on task.  They are an important part of our “team”.

Andrea Rogozinski, Chief Strategy Officer

Crossroads Diversified

When we sought out a marketing company for help we expected a very linear path to our goal. Crocker’s ability to approach our organization’s identity from a fresh and innovative perspective evolved a simplified expectation into a meaningful and integrated experience. We found a strategic and intentional partner that cares deeply about our organization’s story and impact. Simply put: Crocker’s team just keeps showing up for us, reinforcing and advancing our community citizenship and impact goals.